Let’s Talk Overdose 2023


Join us for the 3rd annual Let’s Talk Overdose conference!

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April 18, 2023 / 8:00-4:15pm PST

Virtual conference (via Zoom and Whova)


     Overdose-related death is currently the leading cause for adolescent mortality. As numbers from the United States are showing, our healthcare system is not prepared to care for adolescents and young adults with high risk substance use! Only a small group of overdose survivors are receiving appropriate care in North America. We need to follow the lead of other countries who provide proper and integrated youth care for substance use. Professionals and families alike agree that we need to do better. 

     At the 3rd annual Let’s Talk Overdose conference, we want to focus on the role of innovation in treatment and healthcare system development, and we want to discuss the entanglement of concurrent mental illness and a higher risk substance use, especially suicidality, self-harm and overdose in youth. If we don’t understand the causes that underlie overdoses , we are not able to provide effective care.

      Let’s be committed, let’s be impatient, it is up to us to save lives! 

  • Dr. Michael Krausz, MD, PhD, FRCPC

British Columbia Chair for Addiction Research

Interested in sharing your research or experience at the Let’s Talk Overdose conference? We are accepting abstracts for Lightning Talks and e-Posters until March 31 on a rolling basis.

These presentations are open to people from all backgrounds, including academics, clinicians, healthcare workers, community members and people with lived/living experience. The submission form will ask for basic contact information and a short abstract.

Submit your abstract here

Lightning Talks: 

Lightning talk presenters will have 5 minutes to speak on a subject accompanied by slides that automatically advance every 15 seconds (20 slides total). Talks should fall under one of the following categories: 

  • Virtual solutions for youth mental health 
  • Effective strategies to save lives of adolescents and young adults  
  • Overdose, self-harm and suicide –  what do we need to decrease mortality  
  • Global perspectives and solutions on the youth overdose crisis 
  • Other relevant topics

Lightning Talks will be evaluated based on the following criteria: 

  • Covers an important and relevant topic related to the above categories
  • Reflects lived experiences 
  • Appropriate and important for the target audience 
  • Presents a clear position 
  • Communicates thought-provoking ideas 

Completed slides will need to be submitted about one week prior to the conference in ppt format. Please find previous lightning talk presentations here. 


Presenters will have the opportunity to share their work in an electronic poster that will be posted on our website. Topics can include anything relevant to the theme of mental health and substance use solutions for high-risk youth, including early intervention, reviews of existing programs and global perspectives. 

e-Posters will be presented during a 30-minute virtual session over Zoom. Successful presenters will need to submit their own Zoom link. More details will be sent to successful applicants.

e-Posters will need to be submitted about one week prior to the conference in PDF format. Please find the previous e-Poster gallery here. 

Conference FAQs

Q: What platform is the conference taking place on?

We are using an event platform called Whova for this event. Whova helps you find zoom links for sessions you would like to attend. You can also use the platform to find the program and network with other attendees. You will get a link to Whova after registering.

Q: How can I present my work at the conference?

You can submit an abstract for an e-Poster or Lightning Talk (coming soon). Abstracts will be accepted on a rolling basis and submissions are open to everyone.

Q: How can I promote this event to my networks? 

You will be able to find the promotional toolkit at the bottom of this page which includes graphics for social media, websites and newsletters (Coming soon!). Please reach out to us at acdevents@cheos.ubc.ca for more information or graphics. Thank you for helping us promote this important event!

Q: How can I be a partner or sponsor of this event? 

Thank you for your interest in supporting our event! We are open to partnerships and sponsorships with a wide variety of organizations, research groups and academic bodies. Please contact acdevents@cheos.ubc.ca for inquiries.

Q: How do I keep updated about future events?

Please subscribe to our mailing list to receive more information about future events, project updates, and more.

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