Our team, as a part of the Centre for Health Evaluation and Outcome Sciences‘ Addictions and Concurrent Disorders Group, conducts research that investigates correlations between social determinants of health and childhood trauma, mental illness, and addiction. The catalytic relationship between early life trauma, substance use disorders, and other mental illnesses is explored through a number of research projects.

In 2012, our team has expanded our expertise to include e-Mental Health when we developed, a web portal designed to empower youth and provide resources to those experiencing depression and anxiety. In 2018, our team was awarded a grant from Health Canada to Develop, the Risk Assessment and Management Platform (RAMP), to support individuals who use drugs and their support network to better understand their risk of experiencing an overdose, while provide online tools to manage this risk.

Today, we continue to expand our research portfolio while working on new projects focusing on the development of online platforms to support youth, adolescents and young adults who have, or are currently experiencing, anxiety, depression, overwhelm or trauma.

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