Workshop Registration: Virtual Solutions for Substance Use Care Conference 2022

Workshops are engaging 1-hour long sessions led by experts in their fields. Multiple workshops are offered in each block. You can sign up for one workshop in each block on a first-come, first-serve basis.

If you would like to change your selection, please email Zoom links for all workshops will be found on Whova.

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1A. Chatbots in substance use care

Andy Tai, PhD Student, UBC Department of Psychiatry

Jane Kim, Graduate Students, UBC Department of Psychiatry

1B. Machine learning and prediction of risks

Dr. Raymond Ng, Director, UBC Data Science Institute

1C. Virtual substitution - Integration of physical and virtual settings

Dr. Michael Krausz, Leadership Chair, UBC Addiction Research

1D. Overdose prevention and Risk management - RAMP Approach

Dr. Alireza Kazemi, Data Scientist, UBC Department of Psychiatry

1E. Blended use of online resources – integration into the current system of education and healthcare?

Dr. Jeanette Roerig, Head Psychotherapist, Stuttgart Clinic

Jean Westenberg, Research Associate, Stuttgart Clinic

1F. Online resources for the management of Addictive Disorders: Initiatives for South East Asia Region

Dr. Yatan Balhara, Associate Professor, All India Institute of Medical Sciences

Lightning Talks: Service Development

5-minute talks by healthcare workers, industry professionals and community members.

2A. Digital psychotherapy for substance use – Risk management in RAMP

Ava Outadi, Counselling Psychologist

2B. What works in engagement with online substance use interventions

Farhud Shams, Graduate Student, UBC Department of Psychiatry

2C. The Assist project in Germany

Dr. Maurice Cabanis, Medical Director, Clinic for Addiction Medicine and Dependent Behavior, Stuttgart Clinic

Lorenz Sutter, Stuttgart Clinic

2D. Controlled Cannabis use – CANreduce 2.0 study in Switzerland

Dr. Michael Schaub, Scientific Director, Swiss Research Institute of Public Health and Addiction ISGF

2E. COGITO - Metacognitive training for Gambling

Swantje Borsutzky, Research Psychologist, Clinical Neuropsychology Unit, UKE Hamburg

Lightning Talks: Improvement of Care

5-minute talks by healthcare workers, industry professionals and community members.

3A. The short cut concept for youth

Dr. Fiona Choi, Research Associate, UBC Department of Psychiatry

3B. Users with high-risk self-harm and suicide – crisis line experiences and online potentials

Gurpreet Chopra, Research Assistant, UBC Department of Psychiatry

Janet Suen, Occupational therapy student, UBC

Raha Masoudi, Research Assistant, UBC Department of Psychiatry

3C. Implementation of the HABITs platform in school settings for screening and access to digital wellbeing tools

Dr. Sarah Hopkins, Research Fellow/Study Manager, University of Auckland

Dr. Karolina Stasiak, Lecturer, University of Auckland

3D. Minder and student substance use

Dr. Daniel Vigo, Assistant Professor, UBC Department of Psychiatry

Melissa Vereschagin, Research Assistant, UBC Department of Psychiatry

Angel Wang, Research Coordinator, UBC Department of Psychiatry