Sponsors & Partners

We are very grateful for the contributions of our sponsors and partners at this year’s Let’s Talk Overdose conference. Our sponsors play a crucial role in ensuring we are able to deliver a high-quality conference that is free for all. Please find more information on our sponsor and partner organizations below.


Coast Mental Health

Coast Mental Health empowers people living with mental illness by providing housing, support services, employment and education across the Lower Mainland. Their programs support individuals living with mental illness through community integration, learning employable skills and having a safe place to live. Some examples of their programming include a local Clubhouse, Resource Center and Culinary Camps.

Coast Mental Health staff will be hosting a workshop during the Let’s Talk Overdose conference titled ‘Supportive housing for youth with high-risk substance use’ from 2:20-3:20pm PST. We encourage you to join the session and learn more!

To learn more about Coast Mental Health’s mission and programs, please visit: https://www.coastmentalhealth.com/

Foundry BC

Foundry offers free and confidential support to youth across British Columbia. Services offered include mental health care, substance use services, family support and more. There are 10+ Foundry centres across BC that offer free, respectful services for youth both in-person and online.

Foundry staff will be hosting a workshop focused on their mission and programs from 11:20-12:20pm. We encourage you to attend the session to learn more and ask questions to the speakers directly.

To learn more about Foundry’s services and province-wide network, please visit: https://foundrybc.ca/




BC Children’s Hospital, Department of Adolescent Psychiatry

BC Children’s Hospital provides outstanding care to youth in Vancouver and across the province. We are proud to welcome many physicians from BC Children’s Hospital who will be sharing their innovative work and best practices in the field.

To learn more about BC Children’s Hospital, please visit http://www.bcchildrens.ca/






BC Mental Health & Substance Use Services

BC Mental Health & Substance Use Services provides care for people living with complex mental health and substance use challenges. The organization also provides education and health promotion efforts. Examples of their work include the Red Fish Healing Center. We are pleased to welcome many BCMHSUS clinicians to our event, including Dr. Vijay Seethapathy, Chief Medical Officer.

To learn more about programming and resources offered by BCMHSUS, please visit: http://www.bcmhsus.ca/







UBC Student Recovery Community

The UBC Student Recovery Community is a collegiate recovery program that is one of the first of its kind in Canada. This community provides a safe, inclusive space for students struggling with alcohol use, drug use, disordered eating and addictive behaviours. Their model focuses on peer support and empowering students in their recovery journey. Recovery meetings are held regularly both in person and online.

Please join SRC peer support leaders at the ‘Importance and role of peer support for youth’ panel from 2:20-3:20pm during the Let’s Talk Overdose conference.

To learn more about the founding and programming run by the UBC SRC, please visit https://students.ubc.ca/health/ubc-student-recovery-community or visit their social media profiles (Instagram- recovery_UBC or Facebook RecoveryUBC).


Team SOUDA (Students Overcoming Substance Use Disorder & Addictions) is a group of young people focused on offering culturally-relevant mental health and substance use support for the South Asian community. They do a variety of community outreach initiatives that target South Asian youth and their families. Team SOUDA is an initiative of South Asian Mental Health.

We are honoured to welcome Gurkirat Singh Nijjar, founder of Team SOUDA, to speak on our ‘Youth supporting youth’ panel and ‘Culturally relevant substance use support for South Asian youth’ alongside other Team SOUDA members.

To learn more, please visit Team SOUDA on Instagram (@teamsouda) and Twitter (@TeamSOUDA)










UBC FentaNIL Project

The UBC branch of The FentaNIL Project, a multi-provincial student-led organization focused on mitigating the impact of the opioid crisis. This student group offers outreach programs, regular training on campuses and other opportunities for students looking to make a difference.

We are looking forward to hearing from Prabhleen Sandhu who will be sharing more about the work being done in the UBC FentaNIL Project. Tune in to the Lightning Talk session on April 18 from 9:20-10:20am on April 18.

To learn more about their work, please visit @fentanilprojectubc on Instagram.