We are excited to be working with a passionate group of volunteers who dedicate their time to support our research and projects. Our volunteers help in diverse capacities, including  social media, event planning, publications, data collection, clinical research, and outreach. If you are interested in joining our team as a volunteer please visit our Get Involved page for more information.

Johnston Wang 

Johnston is a 4th year undergraduate student studying Physiology, Microbiology, and Pathology at UBC. After volunteering in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, he developed an interest in de-stigmatizing addiction and reducing the impact of the opioid crisis on local communities. By volunteering with the ACD Research group, Johnston hopes to contribute to the removal of barriers in seeking help with mental health and substance use, especially among vulnerable populations.




Gurpreet Chopra 

Gurpreet completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry and is interested in research relating to addictions and substance use. Having experience volunteering and working with marginalized and vulnerable people, such as those in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside and on crisis lines, he is interested in helping mitigate the substance use, overdose, mental health, and housing crises affecting global and national health infrastructure. As a volunteer of the ACD research group, Gurpreet hopes to contribute to research relating to fentanyl, homelessness, and substance use disorders in vulnerable populations.



Noor Ramadhan 

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Sophie Bacinschi

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Adam Hashi

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