Youth Case Competition 2022

Are you a young person interested in developing public health solutions? Do you want to use your research skills in a team setting to have an impact? Register for our innovative case competition today!

View the case package here

Register here by March 21, 2022

Teams of 1-5 will submit their new solutions to the overdose crisis to a panel of judges. Finalists will be invited to present their solution at the virtual ‘Let’s Talk Overdose’ conference on April 6, 2022. The winner will receive a cash prize and a chance to get involved in the Addictions and Concurrent Disorders Research Group.

Check out the case package for full details!


Design an intervention (program, technology etc) that addresses one or more of the above areas of focus (as seen in the case package), with an emphasis on youth. The goal of your idea should be to reduce the severity and impact of substance use and overdose among youth. Your solution should be evidence-based and can incorporate information found in the background information section of this package as well as your own research. Your solution should be realistic, focused on one region or city of your choice and have a reasonable budget. You must describe how your initiative can be implemented and sustainable for the long-term. We encourage you to be creative, innovative and think outside the box! 

- This case competition is open to anyone aged 25 and under. You can participate from anywhere in the world.
- You can participate as an individual or in teams of up to 5 people
- Teams must register prior to March 21, 2022 

Round 1 
Each team will submit a 1-2 minute video that outlines the areas(s) of focus you are addressing, the main idea of the solution, and how it will be implemented. This first round is an overview of your solution, so you do not need to include detailed information. This video can use visual aids, slides or any other creative elements. The submission form link will be emailed to registered groups. Please upload your video onto Youtube and include the link in the submission form. If you have any trouble uploading your video or would rather submit in a different format, please email  

Examples of previous Round 1 submissions can be found here: 

Round 2 
The finals of this competition will happen live at the ‘Let’s Talk Overdose’ virtual event on April 6 from 11:15-12:15pm. Finalists will present for 5-7 minutes on their initiative in front of attendees and a judging panel. If no members of a finalist team are able to attend, a 5-7 minute video can be submitted. Each team will have a 5-minute Q & A period after their presentation. This presentation can include any visual aids and should provide detailed information about your solution based on the rubric.  

Examples of previous Round 2 solutions can be found here: 

Full details can be found in the case package.