Virtual Solutions for Substance Use Care Conference 2022

Capacity, quality and integration across settings

January 25, 2022; Full day virtual event

Registration open soon

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The healthcare system in general is struggling with a slow process of transition and change. The COVID-19 pandemic and other public health challenges showed that the current capacity and quality of care is insufficient. It is evident that we need a bigger variety and larger range of interventions and settings to address these crises and take care of the most vulnerable. Patients with high-risk substance use disorders are especially at risk of dying of an overdose and have significant issues accessing appropriate and effective care.

The use of web-based sources is especially critical in addressing these issues, along with building a long-term trajectory of care, including prevention and early intervention as non-existing elements in our societies for the most vulnerable. This comes with a need to integrate new opportunities and strengthen effective measures in the existing system. We want to present successful experiences and effective interventions on the background of the question: how to integrate those into today’s system of care, what are the structural changes needed and which paradigms should drive our system of care?

Registration for this virtual event will be open soon. This event is free for all. More information on presenting lightning talks, e-posters and videos will also be released soon.

We look forward to welcoming you to our event!


Keynote Speakers

Dr Michael Krausz

Leadership Chair,  Addiction Research at the University of British Columbia

Chair, World Psychiatric Association Section on Addiction Psychiatry

President and Chair, InnerChange Foundation

Dr Michael Schaub

Director, Swiss Research Institute of Public Health and Addiction