Let’s Talk Overdose 2024

The 2024 Let’s Talk Overdose conference welcomed over 1200 attendees and 60 speakers on May 7, 2024. This free, virtual conference included bold panel discussions, inspiring stories and novel treatments from BC and beyond. To learn more about the event, please visit our event website here.

Conferences recordings can be viewed here.

The opioid overdose crisis has taken over 1600 lives across British Columbia so far in 2023. The Canadian healthcare system is not prepared to properly support individuals with substance use and concurrent disorders. It is imperative that we come together to share knowledge, create partnerships and take action to mitigate the devastating impacts of the overdose crisis globally. 

     At the 4th annual Let’s Talk Overdose conference, we want to focus on the stories and experiences of those most impacted by the overdose crisis, including individuals, families, and frontline workers. Through their stories, we can best understand how to provide integrated, appropriate care for this unique population.

Join us for a free, virtual conference with expert keynote speakers, engaging workshops and empowering stories. Speakers include clinicians, peers, politicians and researchers from around the world. This conference is open to everyone who wants to play a role in raising awareness and taking action against the overdose crisis.

Let’s be committed, let’s be impatient, it is up to us to save lives!